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We at DVD Locker Blog are in a rather funny mood this afternoon.. Maybe it’s the sunshine getting to us, afterall we don’t really get a lot of sunshine here in the UK do we, so where gonna give you some funny runners  up of films, now they may look REAL but believe us they are not all the films pictured are for comedy purposes only.

Enjoy –

This film must be sponsored by Persil (pretty sure it is!)


One for the children (well the emo children anyway!)


This is about right! Sooo many have been made already, surely the end is near!?


This one would be pretty cool!


I don’t know who I’d be more scared of Mr Bean or Jack Nicolson!! 


Arghh the Monopoly game is ALIVE!!!! 



How adding just the letter ‘A’ Makes everything so different!


Spongebob is getting one scary sponge!


So they’ve found Nemo, now there gonna fry him!?


Harry Potter fans will love this ! 

Makes perfect sense – doesn’t it?


Go Meryl! It’s your Birthday!


So sadly we come to the end of our Funny films, normally here we say we can’t wait for these titles to be released to the public and to be shown in cinemas world and nationwide – but sadly we cannot say it this time (I know we would love to see some of the above in REAL life) but the jokes over,

Hope you enjoyed!

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