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So we decided to review Sky’s TV service ‘NOW TV’ and use this for a period of 2 months.

What is it? – So NOW TV is basically a streaming service, run by Sky Digital, You have some selected Sky Channels (extra cost per channels) plus your standard Freeview channels, they state that this is a 30 day rolling agreement, so you really have no strings attached!

What do you get? – As Standard you get the Roku powered box, a HDMI cable, remote control (basic mind) + a power lead, and whatever package you choose be it Movies, Entertainment or Sports Passes.

Cost? – At time of writing this review, the costs are as follows;

Entertainment Pass – £6.99 per month

Movies Pass – £9.99 per month

Sports Pass – £25 per month

Kids Pass – £2.99 per month

All of the above packs come with 14 days free trial (pretty standard for Streaming Services these days)

What’s Good? – So the NOW TV Service as a whole is not to bad, the cost element can be pretty cheap if you want to have all the premium channels with no lenghy 12 or 24 month TV contract, cheap and easiest way to get your TV Smarter, just plug and play quite literally, the box design looks pretty snazzy in a smooth, jet black.

What’s Bad? – The box that we received which was the NOWTV Plus Box, worked flawlessly for the first few weeks, going into week 7 off the test, we noticed the box was very buggy, the onboard ‘TV Guide’ was always confused, it didn’t realise what day we was on and in turn didn’t give us accurate information to what was on. NOW TV’s customer service is no NON existent, they have got rid of there phone number, however a quick google and you will soon learn they are still contactable via telephone, a little unsure why they have got rid of the option on their website, they simply say that they have ‘LIVE chat’ but no other option. Also we cancelled our package, and still 4 months down the line NOW TV are still charging us for a service we do not have! After several complaints to NOW TV they have explained that they will refund all money owed back to us, but still no sign of the money, not very good for such a big company like SKY. Also the apps are to the minimum, they have stripped back things like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Verdict? – So as you can see, its a rather mixed review, as part of the software is pretty good and a lot of the service not so good. Personally we would say if your a casual TV watcher and do not want to be tied into long contracts, then this could be an option for you, just be prepared when you cancel that you inform your bank to change your card, because NOW TV will keep attempting to take payments from your account whether or not you are a TV user of their service. As Roku are the makers of the box’s made for NOW TV you’d expect them to contain all the apps and services that are featured on the standard ROKU layout – however NOWTV has stripped this back to the bare minimum, the apps that are pre-installed on the box, as News channels, Sky Store (no surprises why!?) and various films (worldwide option). We was shocked to learn that Netflix or Amazon Prime wasn’t featured on this box. We still think that NOWTV need to look at their product again, and add other apps I think this would make the service more appealing to more people, as most of us these days has a Netflix or other streaming Service account.

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