Google Home Review

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So we decided to review Google Home

What is it? – Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google. It allows users to speak voice commands to interact with services through the Home’s intelligent personal assistant called Google Assistant by starting the sentence with “Okay, Google”.

What do you get? – Google Home device, Power Cable and Quick Start Guide

Cost? – At time of writing this review, the costs are £129 from major retailers.

What’s Good? – So this service, is brand new to the UK market however it did get weather, traffic, sports updates and more from Google correct. It could play music from streaming services without any issues. Manage alarms, timers and get flight information using voice commands. It was usually able to get this simple commands correct.

What’s Bad? – Some questions you ask, the Google Assistant may get confused and come up with irreverent answers. There is a security issue when tested, if someone rang the house phone and left a voicemail by saying Okay, Google, they could then find out information that they shouldn’t know or use the device to order things. If you have a smart home, someone could potentially unlock your door and gain entry.

Verdict? – So being a new service, it works the same as Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant on your phone. It is limited in some ways and the security issues pose risks for some however this may improve with future releases. Worth waiting on this for now and future releases may be more stable.

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