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So we decided to review DVD Lockers brand new subscription service.

What is it? – This is a new service, by a small company called DVD Locker, they offer a subscription based model, by where you would sign up to their website, and select DVDs or Blurays package, and the amount you want, they would then send you chosen films (by them) based on your input from their questionnaires within their website.

What do you get? – You get either 1,2,3 or 4 discs per month either DVD or Blueray (dependant what package you chose).

Cost? – At time of writing this review, the costs are as follows;

1,2,3 and 3 DVDs per month – £4.99 (1), £9.99 (2), £14.99 (3), £17.99 (4)

1,2,3 and 4 Blurays per month – £5.99 (1), £10.99 (2), £15.99 (3), £18.99 (4)


The 1 DVD per month option, comes with a 7 day free trial period.

What’s Good? – So this service, is brand new to the UK market, and at first we was a little unsure how it would work, and if they would get choices right. We love the fact that we have a free gift every month be it DVD or Bluray, the process is very simple, you create an account (they call it a DVD Locker account) make payment, fill in a pre filled questionnaire and wait for the disc in the post, this took on average 2 days to come to us. The price seemed more than fair also, we thought we did get value for money on this product, the package arrived in good condition and the discs were brand new pretty nifty little service for film lovers. They emailed us every step of the way from the beginning of the order right until they dispatched the films out to us.

What’s Bad? – The service didn’t allow you to pick your own DVD or Bluray this was done by the DVD Locker team, so customers only say in what was sent is based on how you answer your questionnaire.

Verdict? – So being a new service, and something us here in the UK don’t really have an idea of or been able to use, this service is quite good, the team behind this concept seem passionate about films and customers, also its nice to see that they have a support line and live chat on their website if someone did need some questions answering. We would say for people to at least try out this service as this is brand new and very different from the normal Rental companies, the discs they send you are yours to add to your film collection, the price we thought is very reasonable indeed. We ordered 3 discs and answered the questionnaire, the films they sent us were: The Loft, Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Woman in Black – the choices they sent out to us was almost spot on, bar from The Loft, but looking back this was probably sent to test the waters and see if we liked what they sent. But the films they sent I did thoroughly enjoy and have to admit they did send me films based on what I liked – and I am a fussy watcher, we think this company is one to watch.

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